Your Perfect Baby Shower Checklist

Jun 15, 20
Your Perfect Baby Shower Checklist

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Welcome to the world little one!

While there's no shortage of blogs offering baby shower advice, you only need a few simple things to make your shower wonderful. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you need the most glamorous, over-the-top decorations, venue, or entertainment to make your baby shower special. This is a chance to celebrate your journey into motherhood with people you love the most.

We can tackle your baby shower planning in five steps:

  • Setting the Date

  • Invitations

  • Baby Shower Theme and Decorations

  • Menu

  • Games on Baby Shower

Setting the Date

Most baby showers are held a month or so before your due date. Stress can trigger early labor, so you want to make sure that you plan ahead of time. Also, avoid hosting the party too close to your expecting delivery. Your baby shower needs to happen when it's the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy your final weeks of pregnancy.


baby shower invitation

There are hundreds of baby shower invitation ideas that will have your guests cooing over how cute they are. From classic diaper- and bottle-shaped invitations to an adorable stork cut-out carrying a hand-written invite, get creative and let your personality shine through.

You can also go paper-free and send out digital baby shower invitations that are just as beautiful but better for the environment. Guests can also save them on their phones for easy reference.

Baby Shower Theme and Decorations

baby shower decorations

Your baby shower is a great opportunity to express your personality in a creative way. From quintessential baby shower themes to unexpected designs, the sky is the limit when it comes to your shower. If you already have a theme picked for the nursery, consider incorporating that into your shower. Informing your guests can also prompt them to purchase gifts that are appropriate for your baby's gender or the nursery you've designed.

You can also decide to host a shower that reflects your interests; a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones-themed shower could be a blast, or you may decide to go all-out with your passions like a baby shower bake-off or garden-themed party.


baby shower food

Baby showers aren't usually sit-down meals. Guests enjoy mingling and dining on tasty treats and finger foods while they play games. This also makes planning your baby shower much easier. Consider classic party staples like veggies, chips, dip and fruit plates. There are also fun ideas like a cupcake tower, take-home candy bar, ice cream sundaes and pizza parties.

Whatever you decide, choose dishes that are simple to prepare and easy to clean up. You can also encourage guests to take home anything in customized to-go boxes; this saves time on clean-up and avoids unnecessary waste.


baby shower games

Baby shower games are a fun way to unwind. Diaper changing speed races, baby animal trivia, bingo and bobbing for pacifiers are classics that everyone loves. You can also have guests submit their own baby pictures and try to guess who's who. Egg races, arts & crafts and the Price is Right with popular baby items are also fun, easy ways to get everyone engaged and having fun.


baby shower gifts

To avoid any duplicates or unnecessary gifts, send out specifications beforehand. For example, if you have enough clothes, let your guests kindly know that the baby's wardrobe is full and what you need instead. You can also set up a baby shower registry at your favorite stores and include the link in an email to all of your guests. Baby shower gifts should be useful and may even indulge the parents a little. Be grateful for anything you receive, and don't rely entirely on your guests to check off items you've yet to purchase.

Baby Shower Etiquette Guide

There are a lot of questions mommies have about baby showers, but they usually have no one to turn to! Most baby shower advices about etiquette enter around guests, but there's plenty to know if you're the guest of honor, too! First and foremost, it's okay to host your own shower. Although it's a lovely gesture for someone to offer, you are more than welcome to hold your own shower. If someone does offer and you'd prefer to do it yourself, consider allowing them to hold the shower and plan your own postpartum party.

In addition, make sure you let guests know ahead of time where the party is located, if there is a dress code, the theme and whether they can bring their own children and partners.

How long should a baby shower last?

Baby showers are best hosted on a weekend in the early afternoon. Good parties tend to run over their intended duration, but the ideal baby shower lasts between two to four hours. Don't feel pressured to host a party longer than you're comfortable doing; a baby shower brunch can be a dream!

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