10 Strong Baby Names With Powerful Meanings

May 26, 20
10 Strong Baby Names With Powerful Meanings

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Powerful Baby Names Inspired by Legends and Leaders

Our names shape our identity. We may carry the name of a dearly beloved relative or be inspired to achieve great things because of our namesake. Names are our connection to the outside world and each other. The significance of names is often diluted in modern times with celebrities who seem to be in competition over who can come up with the strangest moniker.

But names really do matter. Our children bear the names that we will use to identify them for the rest of their lives. A baby name is the first gift we give to our child, so it's important to choose one that is both meaningful to you and inspiring for them.

If you're looking for strong baby names for boys and girls, here are 10 hand-selected names based on


5 Strong Boy Names From Sports Legends

strong boys names



If you want your son to become an athlete, you may think of naming him after Jackie Robinson. The name is also a wonderful testament to black culture as Robinson was the first-ever African-American Major League Baseball (MLB) player.



Cal is a contemporary, one-syllable name that means "devotion" in Hebrew. It was also the name of Cal Ripken, Jr., the iconic Baltimore Oriels baseball player who broke the world record when he played 2,632 consecutive games.



Walter Payton is an NFL Hall of Fame legend who was nicknamed "sweetness" because of his playstyle and charitable acts off the field. This name is an inspiring choice for sports-loving parents who want their son to carry a name rooted in kindness and generosity.



A unique place name, Montana is the fourth-largest U.S. state and known for its breathtaking nature and mountain terrains. Montana was also the last name of Joe Montana, the one-time National Football League quarterback who was nicknamed "Mr. Cool."



Tom Brady is one of the most famous modern football players who holds six Super Bowl victories and has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) four times. The name Brady is originally an Irish surname that means "spirited" or "broad."


5 Iconic Female Ruler Names for Girls

Ruler Names for Girls



Cleo is one of the top trending names in the U.S. right now, and it's the perfect nickname for the exotic and empowering Cleopatra. The Greek ruler of Egypt was known for her striking intellect. Scholars believe she spoke up to nine languages, and her breadth of knowledge spanned from philosophy to astronomy.



The former Queen of Castile and Aragon is immortalized by her kind spirit and curious nature. She heavily supported Christopher Columbus's expedition that led to the discovery of the Americas, and she was a social advocate who preached equality for Native Americans. Isabella has Latin, Italian and Spanish origins and means "pledged to God."



Elizabeth derives from Hebrew and means "My God is an oath." It is most commonly known as the most common female name in the British Royal family. Elizabeth I was the Queen of England until 1603, and the current queen, Elizabeth II, has been ruler since 1953.



Amina, which means "peace" in Arabic, was also the name of a Nigerian queen who was a skilled military leader. It was her expertise that resulted in the largest border expansion in the history of Zaria. The trade routes she helped establish expanded the economy, and she now lives on in stories as an icon of female leadership and empowerment.



The Westernized version of the French name Valeria, Valerie means "strong or valiant" and was also the name of a medieval saint called Valerie of Limoges. The Christian martyr's legend says that she was a kind, selfless maid who, after being beheaded for her faith, carried her head to Saint Martial.

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